Savings Accounts

Membership at WesTex Federal Credit Union is open to anyone in the community that lives, works, or worships in Lubbock or Hale County.


To open your savings account and become a member of WesTex Federal credit Union you must deposit $50.00. You may also choose to open the account with the minimum $5.00 in which you have 6 months to build the balance to the required $50.00.

In order for your account to remain open the membership of $50.00 must remain in the account. The $50.00 may not be withdrawn, though it will be part of you balance when dividends are calculated and paid each quarter.



  • Quarterly Statements
  • Money Orders $0.50
  • Cashiers Checks*
  • Statement Copies
  • Wire Transfers**
  • Direct Deposits/Payroll
  • Capability of Electronic/Bank Drafts

*Free if made out to account owner/$1.00 for all other payees **$15.00 outgoing/$5.00 incoming



Dividend: Please call for rates.